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Don’t let Greedy Drug Companies take away the 340B Drug Discount Program from Safety-Net Providers in Your State


340B is a lifesaving program that costs taxpayers nothing, and is constantly under attack from politicians, lobbyists and Big Pharma

Let340B praises the work of the
Ryan White Clinics for 340B access


What 340B Does For Patients

For the past 25 years, 340B has helped provide low-cost medications and better health outcomes for millions of Americans and the non-profit clinics and hospitals who serve them.

340B savings enable safety net providers to fund services and care for uninsured and underinsured patients.

  • 340B Benefits Patients & Safety-Net Providers
  • It Costs the Taxpayers & Government Nothing
  • Greedy Drug Companies Oppose It
  • Leave it Alone. It isn’t Broken.
Our elected officials need to understand the value of this 25 year old program and continue to support 340B!
JOIN US and get involved.
We all have the power to tell Congress to Let it B!
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Learn the Facts


The continuing growth in the 340B program is not sustainable.


A condition of Pharma gaining access to the $33.4 billion Medicaid drug market is that they agree to participate in the 340B program. As long as pharma wants access to that $33.4 billion market, they will participate in the 340B program, which will continue well into the future.


340B has experienced out of control, exponential expansion.


Congress intentionally expanded the program, with the full knowledge and tacit approval of the drug industry. In 2010, as part of the Aordable Care Act, Congress increased the number and types of nonprofit hospitals that can participate. The growth in the 340B program was intended, and was completely expected. The drug companies actively pushed for ACA because they knew that, between Medicaid expansion and the individual mandate, they would have a payer source for their drugs for tens of millions of new people. They have made out like bandits: Since 2010, Medicaid drug sales have now increased by $13 billion per year Since 2010, total drug company sales have now increased by over $85 billion per year By contrast, 340B discounts have grown by a much more modest amount. While total 340B sales have increased, the discounts oered on those 340B drugs (i.e., the amount that Covered Entities would have paid in the absence of the 340B Program) was far less than pharma asserts. In 2015, the total discounts for 340B drugs increased by only $2 billion from 2010. Largely due to ACA, pharma gets an extra $85 billion per year, and gives up very little. And now they want to renege on that!


340B is incentivizing industry consolidation, driving up prices.


While the health care industry is consolidating, it is consolidating everywhere, even in places without 340B (think the merger of CVS and Aetna). While pharma likes to use hospital purchases of oncology practices as its prime example, hospital/oncology acquisitions with 340B are occurring at the same rate as hospital/oncology practices without 340B.


Congress did not clearly identify the intent of the 340B program, thereby allowing nonprofit entities to abuse it.


The intent of the 340B program is stated quite clearly in its legislative history. The purpose of 340B is to give safety net providers relief from high drug prices, so they have the resources to provide more and better services to their clients: In giving these ‘covered entities’ access to price reductions the committee intends to enable these entities to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services. Further, the 340B law clearly anticipates that prescriptions could and would be reimbursed by insurers like Medicaid, because there is specific language dealing with how 340B entities should bill Medicaid.

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340B discounts totaled $6 billion in 2015, thats 1.3 percent of total US drug sales in that year. Thats it.

The COST to taxpayers: Zero. The 340B Program simply allows eligible health care providers that serve a large number of low-income patients to purchase medications at a special discount from drug makers. That savings can, in turn, be used by these eligible providers to fund services and care for their patients, and at no cost to taxpayers.

Since 1992, the 340B Program has allowed safety net providers serving low income communities to use prescription drug savings obtained directly from drug manufacturers to fund more services to more patients.

340B is a lifesaving program that costs taxpayers nothing, and is constantly under attack from Big Pharma!

Your voice is needed! Thank you for your interest in joining the fight to SAVE 340B!

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JOIN US and get involved.
We all have the power to tell Congress to Let it B!

No Cost
to the Taxpayers

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