The real facts about 340B:

340B Policy Paper

An in-depth overview of the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Understand the history of the program, how it works and what the challenges are.
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Learn the facts.

Drug companies and their lackeys are spreading misinformation about 340B. They are working hard to strangle 340B, but here are the real facts.
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Did you know?

Here are some quick facts to know about 340B.

340B purchases made up less than 8% of the $603 Billion Americans spent on prescriptions drugs in 2021.

The Affordable Care Act intentionally grew 340B to reach more patients in need. In fact, the drug companies supported the Affordable Care Act!

Ryan White clinics, such as AHF, use 340B savings to provide services to underserved people living with HIV.

Drug companies are limiting access to affordable healthcare for people who need it most.

HIV funding in conjunction with 340B means successful healthcare outcomes for people living with HIV.

340B savings cost taxpayers absolutely NOTHING!

Drug companies participating in 340B are making BILLIONS in profits from Medicaid and Medicare sales.

340B empowers safety net providers to offer services that are not funded by other sources such as transportation and food banks.

Because of 340B, regardless of their ability to pay, every patient leaves AHF with their prescribed medication.

HIV Viral suppression rates increase thanks to 340B savings. Without 340B, suppression rates drop.